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Harry/Hermione icons

Icons for all your delusional needs

Harry/Hermione Icons
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Welcome to Harmony_Icons, the community for all your delusional icon needs!


When you're just browsing:

1. You don't have to be a member if you´re just looking for icons,but it would be appreciated if you'd join.

2. ALWAYS comment and credit when you're taking icons. In your comment, say which icons you're taking.

When you're posting icons:

1. You have to be a member to post. Joining is easy, membership is open to everyone.

2. When posting icons, please post two or three teasers and put the rest of your icons under a cut.

3. This is a Harry/Hermione icon community. Although you may post general HP icons as well, you MUST have at least three H/Hr icons among them.

4. You may make requests but please put it under a cut marked with the word "Request".

5. You may post banners and layouts as well as icons but please put them under a cut.

6. Always put numbers next to your icons. This makes it easier for people to comment on your icons and say which one they're taking.


This is a friendly Harry/Hermione community. Please do not leave any rude comments and please respect all members.
If you do not suppport HMS Pumpkin Pie, what are you even doing here?!?

If you have any other questions, you may contact me on my personal LJ _lovely_773.

The layout:

The layout was created by eithene, the banner on top of the layout was made by lamina87.

The icon on top of the info was made by dback612.

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